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Landau Forte Academy Amington opened in September 2010 as another member of the family of schools operated by Landau Forte Charitable Trust.

Whilst the Academy is part of the national network of schools and Academies, it is owned and operated as an independent educational organisation providing free full time education for children from 11 to 19 years old. Currently we have approximately 800 students. The Academy has been established to bring together the worlds of business, industry and education in a uniquely productive partnership to secure the highest quality education for young people.


Landau Forte Charitable Trust

A family of 6 academies across the Midlands

We expect each of the Academies to provide a Landau Forte style of education which is distinctive, high quality and critically releases the potential of each student enabling them both individually and collectively to be the best that they can be. Whilst our Academies each have their individual specialisms the common expectation of high standards of learning, teaching, attainment & achievement and student care are common.

It is intended each Academy serves the wider community providing opportunities for adult education and use of facilities for teams, clubs, societies and community groups.

Our vision for the Trust is to significantly contribute to the systemic improvement of education in England through its Academies by further raising the performance, hopes, aspirations and ambition of students, their families and local communities, generating self belief, self esteem and self confidence through practical steps:

  • Focusing upon high quality teaching and learning, standards of attainment and achievement, student care and support to transform the education of the young people served by each Academy.
  • Providing outstanding opportunities for young people to develop healthy and active lifestyles; enjoy their learning and achievement, act and behave safely and become well prepared for adult life in a rapidly changing society.
  • Actively promote high standards, self and mutual respect, good conduct and behaviour.
  • Develop educational organisations which contribute to community regeneration where students, staff and local community are proud to belong, feel a part of and make extended use.
  • Creating a culture which celebrates success within and beyond the Academies, for example in securing greater numbers of students progressing to higher education or employment with training.
  • Implement leadership and accountability practices that demand and produce successful outcomes, which are effective and provide value for money.
  • The ambition is to establish each Academy as an outstanding school (Ofsted Grade 1) within 3 years of opening.
  • Student learning, attainment, achievement and well being are at the centre of strategic thinking, planning and actions.
  • A ‘can do’ attitude is actively promoted and prevalent throughout the Academies.
  • There is a culture of success where achievement is rewarded and celebrated.
  • Underpinned by high aspirations and ambition for both students and staff there is an expectation for everyone to be determined and have a desire and commitment to continuously improve.
  • The independent status of the Academies is fully embraced to encourage self confidence, a pro-active approach and taking responsibility for one’s own actions whilst enabling rapid and appropriate response to changing circumstances.

‘In partnership with parents\carers and the wider community including business and industry, each Academy will provide a high quality education motivating and enabling its students to learn, to achieve and to develop the skills, capability and confidence to succeed in all aspects of their lives’

In fulfilling its mission through each of its Academies students would become:

  • Well-qualified and well educated;
  • Capable, adaptable and confident;
  • Independent and autonomous learners;
  • Self reliant but importantly able to work productively and positively with others;
  • Marketable and employable and\or have the capacity, confidence and entrepreneurial spirit to become self employed;
  • Responsible and respected citizens.

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Our Location
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